Outdoor Storage Shed Kits

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Outdoor storage shed kits seem to be everywhere. They are extremely popular for the home handyman. After all, there's nothing to measure or cut, and everything you need for the shed--outside of one or two tools--is right there in the box for one flat price. But can an outdoor storage shed made from a kit last as long and look as nice as one built from a plan?

Chances are, an outdoor storage shed from a kit will be of as good or better quality than one made "from scratch." Unless you are a master carpenter, it can be tricky to measure and cut each piece perfectly, and to ensure the joints are watertight and the walls are plumb. If the door frame isn't perfectly square, this can affect the door--it can stick and be hard to close in humid weather. And if you're not a professional builder, it's likely you'll have to waste time traveling to the hardware store a few times to pick up items that have been overlooked.

Outdoor storage shed kits have been designed by experts to fit together perfectly. Everything has been measured for you, and there is no guesswork to agonize over. There are wooden shed kits that you can personalize with paint or trim choices. And there are plastic and vinyl shed kits in endless configurations and designs that can last a lifetime with the proper care.

Spend All Week Building (or Just Look Like You Did)

After all, you probably want an outdoor storage shed to save you the time spent running back and forth to get your tools while working outside. You don't want the shed to be a huge time-consuming process in itself. Outdoor shed kits can also be more economical than building from a plan. Outdoor storage shed kits are available through home and garden stores or online.

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