Outdoor Vinyl Sheds

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Even though we may love spending time in the great outdoors--camping, fishing, gardening, playing in the pool--the equipment we use does not. Leave your shovel out in the yard all year, and while it may be conveniently situated, soon you'll need to go buy a new one. Outdoor vinyl sheds can keep your outdoor gear close at hand where you need it, but will keep also keep it safe and organized for years to come.

Over the past few decades, vinyl has become increasingly popular on the neighborhood block--60 percent of the more than 30 billion pounds of vinyl produced each year is used in construction. This is because vinyl is versatile, inexpensive, and rarely (if ever) needs to be replaced. "Vinyl is final" is a popular selling point for many people interested in keeping costs down and performance up. Once used primarily in place of natural rubber, vinyl is now substituted for wood and metal for many uses. And it can be molded into almost any style or design.

An outdoor shed made from vinyl can withstand harsh weather conditions without needing to be repainted or treated for mildew. It provides a waterproof shelter for the contents within. For ease of assembly, there are many kits available that include everything needed to build a shed--big or small--in an afternoon.

Outdoor Vinyl Sheds--Easy to Love, Hard to Destroy

One other big advantage to an outdoor vinyl shed is its extreme resistance to fire. Rigid vinyl can withstand exposure to flames much longer than wood or other plastics. It has a high ignition temperature of 735°F, and if by chance vinyl does catch fire, it spreads much slower--two and a half times slower than cedar and three times slower than hardboard. For a storage solution that can tough out the most extreme weather conditions, look to outdoor vinyl sheds.

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