Plastic Storage Sheds

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Many of us lead active lives and enjoy outdoor activities and various hobbies. Gardening, camping, woodworking--they can all enrich our lives. Unfortunately, these pursuits can also enrich our garages, basements, and backyards with excess stuff. Don't you wish you had the perfect place to store your shovels, fishing tackle, and other "toys"? You may want to look into buying a plastic storage shed.

Plastic storage sheds are sturdy yet lightweight. Like plastic food containers, they seal out outside conditions like heat, cold, and moisture to protect what's inside--your tools. Plastic, unlike wood or metal, won't rust, rot, or otherwise decompose. This makes plastic storage sheds a good option for long-term storage needs. Most come with heavy-duty flooring for additional durability. And if you anchor them into the ground, plastic storage sheds are strong enough to withstand snow and wind.

But before you buy any shed, be sure to check your state's zoning laws and building regulations. Even a small shed from a local or online home store may require a permit before you can legally start the installation. A building official can also give you guidelines on where to place your shed and how close to the property lines they can be. Many neighborhood associations or preservation societies have their own laws regarding erecting additional structures, including design requirements.

Fantastic Plastic--Storage Sheds to Fit Your Needs

Many different types of plastic storage sheds are readily available, from smaller "countertop" models that are great for backyard barbecue equipment, to large storage sheds for a riding lawnmower or other sizable tools. It can take an hour or less to put one together--usually with just a Phillips screwdriver and a rubber mallet. This is the best part for many people--it gives them additional time to go buy more tools. After all, you now have some extra space!

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