Pond Heaters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Pond heaters are important to the long life of your pond. If you live in a seasonal climate that has cold winters, you need to protect your pond from freezing completely over and cracking when the weather gets cold. Ponds are delicate ecosystems, protected only by a plastic liner. Freezing water expands and strains the plastic container, which loses even more flexibility in cold temperatures.

The water in your pond will get extremely cold and maybe even form ice, which is permissible. However, a layer of solid ice on your pond's surface can be its death knell, as some kind of opening is essential to enable crucial gas exchanges. Without this pressure valve, your pond liner can rupture, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damaged equipment. After all the hard work and money spent to create your backyard pond, an incident like this can nullify everything.

Types of Pond Heaters

By installing a simple pond heater before the cold weather hits, however, you can avoid all of these problems. These heaters are inexpensive, typically costing less than $100, and are well worth the small investment for the assurance they bring. Popular varieties of pond heaters float on the water rather than sit on the pond bottom. This is to ensure that a hole is maintained in the ice layer.

Some people worry about the end costs of heating their pond all winter long. To address these concerns, special heaters are sold that use very little electricity: only a tenth of that used by regular pond heaters. These energy-saving heaters are not intended to raise the temperature of the pond, however; they're merely intended to keep that crucial hole open in the ice layer.

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