Pond Kits

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Pond kits are the perfect way for handy homeowners to build excellent water gardens right in their own yards. However, just because they're called "kits" doesn't mean that the resulting ponds need all look the same. The kit is merely the foundation, providing all the materials necessary to effectively build and maintain a long-lasting pond that will only appreciate the value of your home as the years go by. Once assembled, it's up to the homeowners to truly make the ponds their own through landscaping and decoration.

The two leading names in pond kits are Nursery Pro and Aquascape. Both are reputable and guarantee the quality of their products. Complete pond kits typically include pumps, skimmers, and filters; check valve assembly and pond liners; PVC piping, glue and sealant; waterfall foam; natural cleaning bacteria; and underwater lighting assemblies.

Other Types of Pond Kits

"Micro-pond" or "mini-pond" kits include the same materials, but with a smaller liner for a smaller pond. For the homeowner who doesn't want an entire pond, but would like a water-related feature for the garden, waterfall kits offer the perfect solution. For one, there is no safety hazard to small children or pets with pondless waterfalls. What's more, waterfalls are even easier to assemble and maintain than ponds.

Waterfalls can also be coupled with pond kits to add even more variety and beauty to a bucolic pond scene. There is nothing to match the sound of a real waterfall, especially one that you can listen to any time you'd like in your own backyard. Waterfalls, with or without ponds, provide the perfect sensory backdrop for enjoyable relaxation.

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