Pondless Waterfalls

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Pondless waterfalls, as their name implies, don't require a pond in order to effectively operate. Instead, they put a real water fixture into your yard without the expense, insurance risk, or maintenance hassle of a pond or pool. These waterfalls are actually two-part units, consisting of the waterfall itself, and the stream into which the water collects. Pondless waterfalls provide a visual and aural feast of the senses without any of the safety worries that inevitably go along with ponds and pools.

These waterfalls can be installed by landscape contractors, as well as handy homeowners using the popular waterfall kits available through home improvement centers and online retailers. Though they're not as ambitious projects as pond installations, pondless waterfalls still require some kind of familiarity and ability with tools such as PVC piping, sealant, and liners.

Pondless Waterfall Kits and Installation

Before purchasing a pondless waterfall kit, make sure you're well aware of the type of work the installation will entail. This will make it easier for you to assess whether self-installation or contracting is the best way for you to go. Typical pond kits include snorkels, pumps, special filters, Centipede modules, check valves, stream and basin liners, and underlayment materials.

Be warned: the initial purchase price of a typical waterfall kit is almost as much as a pond kit. However, in the end, pondless waterfalls are the more inexpensive investments because they simply don't share the special maintenance and insurance costs of ponds. Should you decide to purchase a pondless waterfall, make sure it's backed up by a customer guarantee and warranty.

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