Pool Lighting

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Pool lighting is a must for your backyard pond. If you've put time, money and effort into installing your pond, why let it disappear into darkness when the sun goes down? Special underwater lighting illuminates the depths of your pond at any hour of the day, bringing interior features into focus that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Pool lights are especially nice if you've decorated the bottom of your pond with plants, rocks, sculptures, and other kinds of decorations. In fact, just the availability of underwater lighting can inspire a slew of creative ideas, from Atlantis- to sunken treasure-themed pond interiors. You can even go with a surreal or absurd theme, submerging objects you wouldn't expect to see at the bottom of the pond. Furthermore, if you have fish in your pond, pool lights will do a great job of illuminating their hauntingly beautiful forms and colors.

Pool Lighting for Atmosphere and Mystery

There is something mysterious about the underwater world. It definitely has to do with the darkness of underwater depths. Perhaps it also has to do with the slowly undulating forms that underwater objects take when they're seen from above. Being able to see an illuminated underwater world, while by no means dispelling the mystery, makes it even more intriguing.

Underwater lights come in different sizes and capacities, for use above and below the surface of the water. These lights can be fitted with colored filters that are great for lending even more mood and mystery to the waterscape. Certain high quality models even come with their own set of clear, red, amber, blue, and green lenses, as well as timing devices to make the lights turn on at set times.

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