St. Francis Garden Statue

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Among the most beautiful garden decorations I have ever seen is a St. Francis garden statue. A friend of mine has a stone sculpture of St. Francis in her front lawn, and though I have seen it hundreds of times, it always catches my eye. Garden sculptures often tend to be cute or whimsical. It's so refreshing to see a garden statue that is moving and graceful, with a more serious edge.

St. Francis Garden Statue and a Sculpture Garden

In fact, I think a piece like this can be a very successful element in an outdoor sculpture garden. You don't have to be rich to treat yourself to a sculpture garden if you shop wisely. I associate sculpture gardens with the most lavish and wealthy of outdoor settings. How wonderful to be able to recreate this abundance in your own yard.

If you wish to create a sculpture garden, I suggest you combine representational and non-representational pieces. Combining too many representational pieces can look a little tacky. If you combine a few modern, abstract sculptures with more traditional pieces, like the St. Francis garden statue, you'll have a winning combination that is multi-layered and sophisticated.

You may also want to add a fountain to the mix. Whether you choose to add a free-standing water fountain or a hanging fountain is up to you. Hanging fountains might include antique stone lion head fountains, for instance. Adding an element of movement and nature to your sculpture garden can give it life and energy. This vitality will entice guests to visit it again and again.

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