Storage Shed Designs

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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Once you've decided that you want to build a storage shed and where you want to place it, the next part is kind of fun. How do you want it to look? There are as many styles of storage sheds available as there are uses for them. And there are so many different designs, you can match it to your house if that's what you want. But don't just go with the first shed that catches your eye--its design is an important part of its function.

What are you really going to use the shed for? A large shed with a pitched roof and fancy wood trim may be pretty, but it's not really necessary if all you need to store are a few bags of birdseed. Is your shed going to be used for backyard barbecues? There are models available that function like outdoor kitchen counters, with low, flat tops to set plates of hamburgers and hot dogs on as they wait for the grill, and space below for charcoal, skewers, and tongs. Conversely, if you have a lot of tall tools such has shovels and spades, you'll want a tall, slim tool box so they can hang upright.

Many sheds are designed to echo different styles of houses. You can either go for the basic, utilitarian look, or cover your shed in cedar shingles to match your Cape Cod. All you need is a little imagination--there are Craftsman-style bungalow sheds, sheds that look like little barns--or even log cabins! The more aesthetically-pleasing shed can be more versatile, pulling double-duty as a child's playhouse, or even a guest house.

Add to the Beauty of Your Property

A beautifully designed shed can be a showpiece in your backyard--not something that stands out and looks tacky. This can increase property values and provide useful storage. But don't just fall for glamour and glitz--be sure you can actually store your tools and other equipment inside.

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