Tool Shed Designs

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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The old, metal tool sheds of yesteryear gave sheds a bad name. Those oft-decrepit, sagging, rust-covered structures looked like they should be tossed in the garbage, not used to store and protect your tools. And even better-quality sheds had a blah, anonymous look that was really unattractive. Well, your tool shed needn't be an eyesore today--there are all kinds of designs that are nice to look at as well as functional.

There are several different types of tool sheds. The most common is the freestanding type that looks like a little house. This is the kind of tool shed that you can easily adapt to match any kind of house style. You can shingle it to look like a beach house, or add gables and gingerbread trim for a Victorian look. There are even sheds that look more like mountain retreats or log cabins than tool sheds. They add interest and beauty to your yard.

Another type of tool shed is the lean-to version. There are many space-saving designs like this that are meant to nestle into the side of a house or garage. These types can be painted and trimmed to match whatever they're attached to, making them unobtrusive. Smaller, cabinet-type freestanding tool sheds can be an opportunity to get creative. Since they're such small structures, you can splurge on extras or experiment with the look to get just what you want.

Good Design Combines Beauty, Brains

But the design of a tool shed involves more than just what it looks like on the outside. You also want to make sure the tool shed you choose is meant to store the types of tools you own on the inside. Does the shed you're considering have enough shelving? Can you store your tall tools upright and out of the way? And last but not least, make sure the tool shed will fit in your backyard without overwhelming it or blocking any of your views.

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