Underwater Lights

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Underwater lighting is not essential for your water garden to function; however, it is important. Once you've gone through all the work and expense of installing your aquascape, why would you want it to exist as a mere black hole in the ground every time night falls? Besides, part of the attraction of water gardens is the dual worlds that they contain: the surface world, and the underwater world beneath.

During the daytime, your water garden actually contains a third visual realm: the reflecting surface of the water, which mirrors the flora around the perimeter of the pond. Just as mirrors create the effect of more space in a room, a mirror of water increases the sense of space and color within your landscape. In this surface layer of your water garden, you can also faintly see a distorted version of the world underneath.

Using Underwater Lighting for Effect

The mix of the two can be mesmerizing and even meditative to behold. Of course, you need the daylight to see it. On the other hand, when you add underwater lights to your pond, you're opening up a whole new world, enabling yourself to see the fish and plants in full form and color. You can also employ different lighting effects to play with mood and perception.

For instance, underwater spotlights can dramatically illuminate the distinct underwater features of your pond: plants, rocks, and fish. However, they can also be aimed upward, their beam of light piercing the surface of the pond to illuminate retaining walls, waterfalls, plants or trees with a wavy light. Colored lenses and moving lights also enable you to play with surfaces inside your pond, creating intense combinations of color and shadow.

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