Vinyl Sheds

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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There are many types of storage sheds available today. Structures made of wood, metal, and plastic are all widely available and quite popular. However, vinyl sheds offer many advantages. They are generally less expensive to purchase, yet they last a long time and are extremely resistant to moisture and other potentially damaging conditions. Vinyl sheds also require far less in the way of maintenance than other types of sheds.

But where did vinyl come from, anyway? Back in the 1800s, researchers used vinyl chloride, a gas, to create a rigid, solid material. It was more of a curiosity than a useful invention at the time--no one could figure out what to do with it. But later in 1926, Dr. Waldo Semon experimented with this material and created polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, a rubber-like substance. This lightweight, fire-resistant, durable substance was later used to make waterproof fabrics, insulation for electrical wires, and PVC pipe.

Now, vinyl is widely used in the construction industry because it performs better than wood or metal for many uses, and is much cheaper. A popular slogan for vinyl siding is "Vinyl Is Final"--it never needs to be replaced. Sheds made from vinyl are similarly "Final." They don't rot or rust, never need painting, and are virtually waterproof. They look as great as the day they were purchased for decades.

Check Twice, Buy Once--Purchasing the Right Vinyl Shed

Because a vinyl shed can last for so long, it's doubly important to choose the right shed. You will be living with it for a lifetime! Many home stores and online stores sell vinyl sheds in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.

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