Woodbridge Sheds

Written by Elisabeth Forsythe
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There comes a time in many people's lives when they have a lot of toys. Big toys. I'm talking about a riding lawn mower, a classic car, or maybe even farm equipment. When you have big toys like these, you probably don't have enough room in the garage to safely store these items (unless you like parking your cars on the street). Yet you need a sturdy, dependable storage place to protect your things. You need a large storage place. Duramax has stepped up to the plate with their Woodbridge line of vinyl storage sheds.

Woodbridge sheds are large enough for use as a carport, a project room, or even a guest house in a pinch. The 10' x 8' model offers 482 cubic feet of storage space. The 10' x 10' model has even more space inside--645 cubic feet. And for the most equipment and the largest gear you may have, Woodbridge has an immense 10' x 13' model that is practically an extra room added to the house. All Woodbridge sheds come in a neutral ivory color that complements most color schemes.

Because Woodbridge sheds are made of heavy-duty vinyl, they never need to be painted. These sheds won't rot or rust, and have been tested for winds of up to 115 mph. You can throw any weather conditions at these sheds--they are fire resistant and snow load tested. Even better, these sheds can be put together in only two to three hours. For ease of construction and further durability, Woodbridge offers galvanized steel foundation kits for all of their sheds.

Big Toys Find Shelter with Woodbridge Sheds

Why spend money renting a storage unit? For considerably less, you can store your extra equipment right in your own backyard. With a Woodbridge shed, you can put together a shed large enough to store a car or boat in an afternoon.

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