Antique Brass Cabinet Pulls

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Antique brass cabinet pulls might be what you're looking for in your renovated kitchen or family room if your decor tends to the classical. Antique brass is not the shiny reddish brass that most of us think of when we hear the word. It is more muted in tone, and has less of a gloss. It is usually highlighted with "tarnish," especially in the crevices of the design.

Patterns of Antique Brass Cabinet Pulls

In cabinet and accessory hardware, you will usually find a far wider array of brass designs within a style type than you will iron. Brass is an alloy, that is, a combination of copper and zinc. There's some variation in the color of brass, usually the result of different proportions of zinc and copper.

Brass is a relatively soft metal. Designs are created by pouring molten brass into molds. The variety of antique brass cabinet pulls is therefore wide. Motifs tend to fall in broad categories. Among these styles are renaissance, colonial, stone, timber, floral, animal and modern. These examples are by no means exhaustive, of course. You'll probably find that most antique brass cabinet pulls follow a colonial, floral or renaissance theme.

Among the different finishes typical of brass are satin, hand-rubbed, mirror, verdigris, bronze and antique. If brass is lacquered, it does not need polishing. Indeed, attempting to polish lacquered brass will damage the lacquer and make it cloudy and the brass dull.

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