Appliance Handles

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Appliance handles are something you'll usually be thinking about most when you are getting new fixtures and have a choice. Replacing them on existing appliances--whether stove or dishwasher, refrigerator or washing machine--is not difficult. It's a bit more complicated, however, than hanging a picture or closet rod. You'll probably need a specialized tool in some cases.

All this being said, refrigerator manufacturers and deals do offer a number of different door panels and trim kits. If you're taking that step, you will doubtless want to replace the refrigerator handles as well. It's a great opportunity to upgrade the refrigerator to match a new decor without investing in a new appliance.

Choosing Appliance Handles

A wide array of appliance handles is available from your local hardware store, through an appliance dealer or from and online vendor. The range of finishes and materials is as wide as it is for most hardware. That is, sometimes making a choice is very difficult indeed. When you're decorating, however, it's better to have too wide a choice than too narrow.

One thing you might want to think about, for a refrigerator or freezer, is whether you want to be able to lock the doors. If you have small children, this option might be a good idea. Aside from that, however, the choice in appliance handles is a matter of style and your decor. You want to find a vendor who doesn't restrict you to one of several choices. What is the material, what is the finish of your kitchen cabinet hardware? Is your decor country cottage, Frank Lloyd Wright, warehouse, antique or retro?

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