Bathroom Baskets

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Bathroom baskets--whether the wicker we probably first think of on hearing the word basket, or a chrome mesh--have long since been proved indispensable in bathrooms. Metal baskets, if you think about it, are little more than wicker's younger cousin. Both are interwoven. Both strain water rather than collect it. Both are very useful.

A Little More on Bathroom Baskets

Soap dishes, bathtub trays and shower shelves are perhaps the uses that come to mind first. Depending on your preference and style of decor, metal baskets themselves might echo the tone of your entire bathroom--the sleek nouveau chrome and marble of the 1920s. It might also slip quietly into the background of an informal English country cottage look.

Soap dishes that drain, as we all know or should, are always what we want. Because they do drain, very little soap scum builds up. In this case, the dirt and mold that so often build up on soap dishes don't have a prayer. Bathroom baskets--whether soap dishes or shower racks or sponge trays or bathtub reading racks--are subject to humidity that encourages growth of mold. That's the nature of a bathroom, or sauna. The less water any bathroom accessory enables it to trap, then, the better.

As far as installing baskets is concerned, there are several options. Bathtub trays speak for themselves in not needing anything but the sides of the tub to sit on. Shower bathroom baskets very often hang over the downspout of the shower fixture. They can also be permanently fastened with screws through the wall tile. Soap and sponge dishes can be used near sinks, in shower stalls or in bathtub stalls, and are also best permanently affixed to the wall.

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