Bathroom Grab Bars

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Bathroom grab bars are the most commonly seen and used bathroom aid. Strategically placed, they help those who are somewhat unsteady on their feet move with sureness. As far as footing is concerned, the bathroom is not always a safe environment. Some people--for whatever reason, be it the frailties of old age or a physical infirmity--need help with their movements. Bathroom grab bars help them keep their balance and help them walk when other aids would be awkward. Properly installed, they mean safety.

Installing Bathroom Grab Bars

The adage "measure twice, cut once" is always worth heeding. It is particularly important when the topic is bathroom grab bars. They must be secured to wall studs if they are to bear the load of falling body weight. While that is a worst case scenario, it is the one that must be factored in when safety is the goal. Safety means planning and preparing for several different situations.

First is normal use and need. Longer horizontal bars are almost always well placed in a bath or bath and shower combination. Sometimes installing bars at two different heights is a good idea. Shorter vertical bars in showers are similarly strategic. Hand grab bars near doorways and the toilet are especially important.

Available in a variety of sizes and lengths and shapes, grab bars are also available in a number of different finishes. Your other bathroom fixtures might be chrome, brushed stainless steel or porcelain. Finding grab bars in a complementary finish will not be a problem.

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