Bathroom Towel Warmers

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Bathroom towel warmers might be the ultimate in a luxurious bath. Once found most often in five-star hotels or Scandinavian spas, they are now available for the rest of us. Models can be wall mounted, floor mounted, free standing or portable.

Bathroom towel warmers can be either electric or hydronic. Electric models must be properly grounded. It is therefore advisable to either use the existing GFI 110 outlet that existing U.S. building code requires in bathrooms or have a dedicated outlet installed. Hydronic models are heated by water rather than electric coil. The incoming water should be between 120° and 150° Fahrenheit. Of the two valves controlling hydronic models, one is always open, the other either open or shut.

The most important thing to bear in mind when buying or using bathroom towel warmers is that they are not engineered to heat towels. They are instead designed to literally warm them instead. The maximum temperature is usually in the range of 150° Fahrenheit. Depending on how large they are, they might take as long as 30 minutes to fully heat up.

Varieties of Bathroom Towel Warmers

Wall models can be simply a ladder-like vertical rise of parallel horizontal bars over which towels are draped. They may also feature a shelf. Some models are a continuous s-curve, some swing out from the wall, some are shelves for folded towels. Floor models might be permanently fixed to the floor, freestanding or portable. Freestanding models can feature clawlike feet or an s-curve base. Portable towel warmers usually feature rolling casters.

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