Brass Mail Boxes

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Brass mail boxes come in more varieties than the usual classic heavy slot in the old wooden front door. Whether residential or business, you will probably want a mail box to reflect you as much as possible. Wall-mounted mail boxes come in a variety of forms and sizes in keeping with your needs and style.

What's Available in Terms of Brass Mail Boxes

Although most often seen and thought of as horizontal, mail slots can also be vertical. Designs in mail slots are limited pretty much to different finishes. Many are iron or aluminum. Brass is more distinctive. Older styles are a heavy brass, sadly not often seen nowadays. Whether older or newer, however, polishing may be necessary if the brass is not lacquered. You want to keep the famous shine that partly defines the character of a brass mail slot.

Wall-mounted brass mail boxes are also an option. You see them most often in cities in vestibules and door frames of duplexes. They can be either horizontal or vertical. Most often these wall-mounted aluminum, painted or brass mail boxes are at least large enough to hold a flat letter-size envelope. Generally about two or three inches thick, they sometimes have hooks underneath to hold newspapers or magazines.

We see the old-fashioned "rural" mail boxes most often in the countryside or in suburban neighborhoods, at the end of a driveway or lane. The exterior of decorative mail boxes can be fashioned to resemble doghouses or cars or whatever fancy might conceive. The shape and dimensions of the mail box itself are designated by United States Postal Service regulation. These are the classical "tunnels" with a flag raised to indicate mail for the postal carrier. You'll see painted or finished aluminum classic mailboxes most often, but antiqued brass mail boxes are available as well.

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