Cabinet Lock Accessories

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Cabinet locks and cabinet lock accessories might be on your list for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have a baby at home who's learning to walk. The next step, you already know, is wandering around looking into drawers and cabinets. On the other hand, maybe you're thinking in terms of a display cabinet or secure work-related files. Whatever the case, it's important the cabinet lock and cabinet lock accessories wear well and serve their purpose.

However, in the locksmith's lexicon, cabinet lock is in fact a general term used to cover not only cupboards and cabinets. The term includes locks for drawers, chests and boxes. It may well be that your need goes beyond the kitchen, office or display cabinets we've noted.

Cabinet Lock Accessories: Defined

Cabinet lock accessories and parts include pin and disc tumbler locks, cam and plunger locks, ratchet showcase locks, replacement cams, replacement strikes and more. Accessories include the keys to the locks and the tools to key the locks. That is, it's not just tumblers in locks that go around. The terminology goes around as well.

If you're thinking about cabinet locks, you're best advised to talk with someone who knows more than you do. Maybe a locksmith who does the work themselves for a living is a good choice. Perhaps you can find a vendor who's knowledgeable about both what kind of lock system you want, what's involved in maintaining or replacing both the cabinet locks and their accessories.

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I've been looking around but can't find what I expected to find. I've seen a couple of locking products but they utilize the tripod mount making it unavailable for mounting.
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