Clear Cabinet Door Knobs

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If the idea of translucent or clear cabinet door knobs keeps coming back at you as you work on the redesign of your kitchen or family room or bath, you might be onto something. You might be thinking of frosted glass. On the other hand, it could be an iridescent shimmer you're envisioning. Maybe it's something else altogether.

Options in Clear Cabinet Door Knobs

The family of stone or glass that we're calling clear isn't clear per se. The term is a useful distinction, however, from woods and metals and porcelains. There are several broad categories of clear cabinet door knobs. One of them very likely is what you might be envisioning.

Working from the most opaque to the most translucent or clear cabinet door knobs, we'll start with marble. Marble has four basic color groups: black, red, white and green. After these come the iridescents. These are swirls of translucent material within clear glass adding, with amazing variation, a touch of color and elegance to glass knobs. Finally we have frosted or clear-cut glass, in several basic hues.

One factor that plays into the variety in shape among the colored groups of clear door knobs is the visibility of the glass. Many of these styles are classic Victorian. Thus, beyond the basic round, you'll usually have shapes approximating an oblong, an egg, a diamond and an upside-down bell. A handle is a good possibility to look for. Other variations are essentially thick disks or cylinders cut rather like a chef's hat. However, you can also find glass door knobs fashioned into natural objects, such as leaves or seashells.

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