Closet Organizers

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Closet organizers, almost without exception, make life easier. You can as much as double your existing storage space if you make the most of available options. Of course, depending on how spontaneously organized you are and the dimensions you have to work with, this might mean you can do more than that.

You'll still have to do your own laundry, of course. A well-organized closet will make it easier for you to keep clothes where you can see them, remember you have them, and not give up on finding them when you do remember. You might just be doubling your wardrobe as well as your closet space. Closet organizers can help you get organized and stay organized. Best of all, perhaps, is that the people designing them have people like you in mind. They know that you have better things to do than try to figure out how to unscramble the closet mess.

Components of Closet Organizers

Every closet will have one hanging rod. If you're lucky, you'll have a walk-in and two hanging rods. One option is to have double-hanging rods. Shirts or jackets and belts, for example, on the top rack, pants folded on hangers on the bottom rack. You'll also need one area for long items, be they dresses or straight-hanging trousers.

Comprehensive organizer systems will have multiple options for shelves. Shelves can be broken into sections with dividers, sweater bins and off-season storage boxes. Suitcases and bulky rarely used items stay neatly out of the way when not in use. Shoe storage is another critical component of closet organizers. They might be multilevel floor racks or pull-out shelves or multiple-compartment bags on the wall. Drawer systems include storage for socks, scarves, sweaters, and more.

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