Compact Folding Shower Seats

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Compact folding shower seats are indispensable for anyone who cannot stand up alone, or even assisted, to bathe. This might mean the elderly, someone with a physical disability, or someone with a sports injury. Seats are wall mounted. They fold away flush against the wall, however, when not in use. Installing a seat therefore will not make the shower awkward to use for those who do stand the entire time while bathing.

Safety is the first and most critical issue in choosing among compact folding shower seats. Any seat you're considering should meet ADA compliance guidelines. A number of the structural standards this entails are too complex to readily explain.

One ADA standard, however, is very simple. A shower seat must support at least 250 pounds and different seats are rated as to what higher weights they can bear. Seats are rated in 50-pound increments. This measurement, of course, will determine what seat you will buy and install. Compact folding shower seats must be properly installed for this support-bearing capacity to mean anything. To be sure of this you might want to have yours installed by a qualified technician.

Options in Compact Folding Shower Seats

The frame of ADA-approved seats will be stainless steel, meeting certain diameter and weight specifications. The seat itself, however, can be plastic or wood. Plastic seats may have padding or cushioning integral to the model. Wooden seats are most often teak, but can be any other water-resistant wood.

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