Decorative Pot Racks

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The novelty of decorative pot racks may have long since worn off. Their revival as an element in kitchen remodeling came probably 20 years ago or more. At first you saw them only in gourmet kitchen shops or decorator showrooms. Fortunately, that phase is over. The truth is that they are as functional as they are decorative.

Very often the focal point in a kitchen will be a pot rack over a kitchen island. You might have seen the television commercial in which family members in a kitchen scatter as Mom pulls a bottle of mouthwash from a grocery bag. A daughter slips into the broom closet, a son climbs onto the pot rack and hides amidst the Calphalon. The point of this is that pots don't need to be dried off and hidden away in cupboards.

Display Ideas for Decorative Pot Racks

Decorative pot racks can be hung from the wall as well as the ceiling. These styles often feature slatted shelves above the hooks. The shelves might hold French canning cars or other equally decorative and equally functional kitchen accessories.

Finishes of decorative pot racks include brushed chrome and wrought iron and stainless steel. More exotic options, whether burnished copper or gunmetal or cobblestone patina, might better suit your decor. Pot rack materials can be a combination of oiled wood and any one of these as well.

Racks can be centrally hung, for best visibility and air drying. The shape might be circular, half-dome, French display, or Mediterranean display. The design options for decorative pot racks are endless. Whatever your decor or cooking style in the kitchen, there is certainly a pot rack to mesh seamlessly with it.

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