Discount Cabinet Hardware

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Discount cabinet hardware might be what you're looking for, or want to find, or should find. You have a project under way that involves a lot of cabinets. Buying bulk, buying discount cabinet hardware, however, does not necessarily mean compromise. You've redesigned. Now you're looking for the very specific hardware items that are part of that new decor.

What to Look for in Discount Cabinet Hardware

When you are buying discount cabinet hardware you'll be looking for exactly the same features, material and finish as if you were buying retail. You might just need to look a little longer.

Hinges are one item. There are different types, which look different but have the same parts: the door wing, the frame wing, the knuckle and the pin. In a full wrap-around hinge, the frame wing is screwed to the inside surface of the cabinet frame; in a partial wrap-around, it is mounted on the edge of the frame. A face-frame hinge fastens to the outside of the frame and the inside of the door. Surface-mount hinges are mounted on the outside of both frame and door. With inset hinges, only the knuckle and pin are exposed. Overlay hinges allow the door to overlap the frame. Reverse bevel hinges allow overlap and allow the door with an edge sloping inward.

Cabinet pulls are the second item of discount cabinet hardware you are probably looking at. They're simpler than hinges, of course. Your options are knobs and handles and pulls. These vary only by shape. Your choices in material will be what they are for hinges: wrought iron, bronze, brass, nickel, copper or chrome. The same is true for finishes: polished, brushed, rubbed oil, antique, and more.

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