Discount Cabinet Knobs

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Discount cabinet knobs are usually available in as many styles and finishes as retail. You may have to look longer to find exactly what you want to harmonize with your decor, but they're out there. You have a lot of cabinets. You've spent a lot of time working on the different elements of this redesign. It's worth the look.

What You'll Find in Discount Cabinet Knobs

Your basic choices in shapes for cabinet knobs are round, oval, rectangular and sculpted. Round means round in shape, not necessarily solid. Oval means anything rounded that's not essentially circular. Rectangular means anything with four sides, no matter the lengths of the sides or the angles between them. Sculpted means everything else. Animals and leaves and twigs fall into this category.

Retail or discount cabinet knobs will be wood, metal, glass, porcelain or plastic. There are so many varieties of each of these, they can't be enumerated. They are, however, most probably available. What you'll see most frequently are wood, chrome, brass, bronze, nickel, clear glass, colored glass, plain porcelain and painted porcelain.

That's enough variety, isn't it, to find something that fits just so with your decor? You want to come up with a couple alternatives you're happy with. What's available in the array of discount cabinet knobs isn't necessarily what's available in the retail offering. It might be, however. It's up to you to check. You can always look online for the best chance of finding exactly what you want.

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