Door Accessories

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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A wide variety of door accessories are available to complement your door handle and lock. Your front door sets the tone and character for your entire home, both in the color of the paint to the finish of the hardware. You might be adding a house number, a viewer, a kick or push plate, perhaps a doorbell.

The Variety of Door Accessories

Even more noticed than a door handle on outside doors is a door knocker. Our hand goes to one, our eye to the other. A door bell we hear, presuming the power is on and the mechanism working. A door knocker we see, right there at eye level. Perhaps a polished brass lion's head sets the ambiance you'd like. Maybe an intricate hand-forged wrought-iron design would be more effective.

On inside doors you have perhaps even more options in customizing with door accessories. One the one hand you have doors you'll walk through. On the other are cabinet doors. Hinges are one item of hardware that go far to extending a design motif. Strap hinges are one example, in which hammered brass or wrought iron can be very effective. The main point is that there are many decor options.

Whether kick plate or door knocker or lever handle, the finishes on door accessories will be important to you. Some are higher maintenance than others. Some are designed for exterior doors and some for interior. The usual array of finish options for door hardware will include satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze, wrought iron, brushed chrome, antiqued brass, antique nickel, silvered patina bronze and pewter. You shouldn't have too much difficulty in finding one to suit your decor.

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