Door Entry Sets

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Door entry sets are the complete set of base plates, knobs or handles and lock that, along with hinges or tracks, constitute door hardware. The door handle and lock can be a single piece but needn't be. The base plate, when there is one, is a separate element. The lock workings are clearly a separate element or elements. The styles and finishes of door hardware, despite almost identical function, vary tremendously, of course.

About Door Entry Sets

Door locking mechanisms are usually either single-cylinder mechanisms or double-cylinder. In single-cylinder locks, a key is required on only one side. What is known as a thumbturn is enough to disengage the lock from the second side. In double-cylinder locks, once the lock is engaged, a key is required to unlock the door from either side.

Security and style are the two basic factors on which you'll probably base your decision. The details of home security are something best discussed with either a locksmith or an experienced door hardware vendor. Either is well qualified to help you decide which door entry sets will offer adequate or more than adequate security for your needs.

Style is up to you. One question is whether you prefer a knob or a lever. Which is easier to handle, a straight or a curved lever? Do you like round knobs or oblong? Another is the finish of the hardware. Do you favor polished brass or forged iron or cast bronze? Don't forget to ask about maintenance. Different door entry sets require different oiling and polishing to keep both the look and the mechanism in prime condition.

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