Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Kitchen cabinet hardware is an essential part of the overall look of the design. Deciding on it might be rather an anguished process. I speak from experience. At the end, though, the anguish will certainly be, or can be, worth every change of mind you have. You want the material and finish of the hardware to complement the rest of your decor. It might be that replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware is all you need to accompany the paint job to give you a new look. That's for you to decide.

Every style, material and finish that you can conceive of as you design your dream kitchen is probably available. This applies to kitchen remodeling also. You don't have to strip down to the studs and a dirt floor to create a new room. Watch Design on a Dime on HGTV and you'll understand how little it takes to create a new look and feel.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Hinges, cabinet pulls and drawer pulls are what I mean when I refer to kitchen cabinet hardware. Hinges come in several varieties. These include wrap-around, face-frame, surface-mount, inset, overlay, reverse-bevel and full-inset. The implications and uses of these you might want to discuss with a hardware specialist.

Cabinet and drawer pulls also come in several varieties, but not so many: knobs, handles and pulls. This decision might be the most difficult one. The style choices here are almost unlimited. You can choose from porcelain, steel, bronze, brass, wrought iron and copper. After that the actual finish of the material selected. Vendors often offer hundreds, even thousands, of options.

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