Railing Accessories

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Railing accessories in home decor are as important as the railing itself. Nothing, furthermore, is more incongruous than railing hardware that isn't harmonious with other hardware or design elements. It happens easily enough, but there's no reason for it if you shop carefully. A room, for example, might be early American, marginally rustic. Brass fittings on the handrail coming into the living room from the loft will be noticed, and for the reasons you want them noticed.

Choices in the Way of Railing Accessories

The predominant component of any staircase, bar or balcony railing is the rail itself. Metal railings, whether brass or aluminum or stainless steel, are hollow. Wooden railings are, of course, solid.

A number of elements might be used in a railing system, whether a staircase with right angles or a loft railing with multiple right angles. One set are that ball fittings that accommodate these angles. They include tee, cross and elbow joints. End caps and finials are used in hollow railings. You will then have wall and/or floor flanges for the uprights. You might have floor and bar brackets. If your railing is a staircase or other arm rail, you'll have brackets to support them.

Among the more miscellaneous railing accessories are adapters and adapter collars. The system might entail carpet brackets, vertical post and flange combinations, and tubing splices. Try to find a vendor who offers both the railing and all railing accessories. You'll better ensure a match in the metal finish.

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