Unique Mail Boxes

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You've seen plenty of unique mail boxes at the end of people's driveways. Often enough you've seen what might be called house art in the doorways of duplexes or townhouses as well. The mail box you have can be just another touch of your personality and style, that special sense of decor that the rest of your house reflects so well.

Styles of Unique Mail Boxes

What we see most often are mail boxes mounted on posts. Most of these are the conventional tunnel-shaped box. Others are some form of rectangle or rhomboid (remember your geometry?). Elaborate paint jobs are the usual decoration. Such designs, when well conceived and well executed, can be amazingly effective in either camouflaging the mail box to fit into the background, or disguise it utterly.

Mail boxes can sit within what are essentially small houses. The phrase "small house" doesn't effectively convey the possibilities for unique mail boxes, however. These can resemble New England barns, cats, school buses, birdhouses, raccoons, lighthouses, or Roman columns. You are limited in your choice only by your imagination.

House mounted mail boxes are just as easily customized, transformed into unique mail boxes. You might decide on a window box covered in flowers and vines. Perhaps a birdfeeder is more appropriate. An art nouveau look could be what you're after, or a red British post box, or even a Picasso sculpture. You must keep to the basic USPS requirements on size, of course, but the possibilities beyond that for unique mail boxes are endless.

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