Wholesale Cabinet Hinges

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Wholesale cabinet hinges are well worth thinking about if you're remodeling an entire kitchen yourself, or garage space perhaps, or any room replete with cabinets. Depending on the material and finish of the design you choose, the savings when you buy wholesale cabinet hinges might be considerable. But before you buy, you want to think about the load the hinges will carry.

Choosing among Wholesale Cabinet Hinges

There are several parts to any hinge: the door wing, the frame wing, the knuckle and the pin. Wrap-around hinges can wrap either completely or only partly around the frame. Face frame hinges are partly concealed. Flush hinges are fully concealed. Hinges can be inset or reverse beveled.

In some cases the difference in hinge types is visual, in some cases functional. Some types are better suited than others to different uses. Almost all allow cabinet doors to open 180 degrees. You need to consider the use the cabinets will get. How often will they be opened and closed? How wide do they need to open? You'll want to talk with either a hardware specialist or cabinet maker to make sure your choice is appropriate to the use and conditions.

Finishes are another decision you'll be making about wholesale cabinet hinges. Depending on the rest of the hardware in a room and the overall decor, you might want antique copper, polished pewter or wrought iron. The options are far wider than that, of course. In a retro bathroom or kitchen polished chrome would do well. In a country cottage style, wrought iron or rubbed bronze would be appropriate.

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