Window Accessories

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Window accessories are functional. We do not need them for a window to work. We can just pull up or down on a sash to open or close the window. We may just be so accustomed to the utility of sash pulls and frame locks that we might not think of them as being there. Window locks can wear out or break. They can be replaced, easily in most cases. You may not even have sash pulls. They're worth considering. You might want to paint a room. You might have a more extensive redecorating project either in the design stage or even underway. Don't forget that window accessories can be as decorative as they are functional.

Making Window Accessories a Part of Your Design

The options for window accessories are as wide as they are for cabinet pulls and door knobs. If your decor has an element of the antique, oil rubbed bronze might be appropriate. Wrought iron, however, might echo the fireplace surround and railing a bit better.

Perhaps your style is more contemporary. Antique nickel or brushed chrome work well with the minimal sheer drapes and strong storm cloud gray rose you've painted the walls. Polished chrome or bright nickel, along with the white of the woodwork and the freshwater blue of the wall above the beadboard, help convey the idea of summer and seashore.

What style of window treatment you choose often sets the tone for a room. Minimalist blinds might be your option. Sheers from curtain rods or behind drapery hooks, though, mean more hardware to incorporate into or spotlight your decor. Windows and window hardware will always be a focal point in a well-used and well-decorated room.

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