Wrought Iron Black Cabinet Pulls

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Wrought iron black cabinet pulls lend a distinctive touch to a number of different decor schemes. The first to come to mind is probably early American. The colonial era, after all, used wrought iron almost exclusively. Brass was imported and used only by the affluent. Iron was quickly forged into service by local blacksmiths.

The country cottage style has become quite popular for its comfortable informality. It is certainly another possibility in the design book. Interestingly, the ultra-contemporary stark motifs also work well with wrought iron black cabinet pulls that have simple and geometric lines, whether knobs or pulls.

Varieties of Wrought Iron Black Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls are generally either knobs or grab handles (through which you slip several fingers). Ring pulls are seen less often, but are certainly an option. All are fastened by a bolt (or two) through the cabinet door. Design within these types runs the gamut from right-angled geometric to floral intricacy. You won't have much difficulty in finding one or more to suit your style and the decor of the rest of the room.

Traditional wrought iron designs include twig or stick or vine motifs. Both grab handles and ring pulls are sometimes produced as interlaced or "woven" pattern. Knob pulls are sometimes egg-shaped, or rough-hewn balls, or flat-planed ovals. On the plus side of wrought iron black cabinet pulls is that they don't need polishing and do need only minimal cleaning. Oiling once every year or two is usually more than adequate.

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