Above Ground Swimming Pool

Written by Timothy Elliott
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Why spend thousands of dollars breaking ground on a new subterranean pool when you can buy an above ground swimming pool for for a few hundred bucks? Granted, a built-in pool can add significant value to your home and contribute to your landscaping, but if you're a renter who's looking for a functional oasis, an inflatable pool is more than adequate. Or, if you're not a big swimmer yourself but have little kids who are just getting comfortable near the water, you may not want to invest a full-size pool just yet.

Above ground pools are not only affordable, they're easy to set up and maintain as well. There are no tools required in the building of your above ground swimming pool. All you need is a level surface, sufficient backyard space, and a thousand or so gallons of water. The rest of the package, including an instruction video, comes free with your purchase.

The Appeal of an Above Ground Swimming Pool

In addition to their ease of use and low prices, above ground pools tend to be much safer than subterranean pools that rely on complex filtration systems and cleaning agents. Another added worry of a standard pool is the sharp edge of its perimeter, which is usually made of concrete or brick. With an above ground pool, there are no edges whatsoever, but there is heavy-duty PVC construction to keep kids and water inside.

Some patio furniture stores offer above ground pools, as do a handful of children's furniture stores. If you can't find the right pool for your budget and real estate there, check out any of the attractive online deals from pool companies advertising over the Internet. Many of them will even waive the shipping and handling costs with your purchase.

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