Accent Tables

Written by Serena Berger
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Accent tables can be the perfect addition to any room for both design and functionality. They can provide you with space on which guests can place drinks (on coasters, of course) or as desk space on which you can leave a magazine. Accent tables are available in a variety of shapes and designs, so you can be sure to find something that matches your existing design scheme. Of course, if you have not yet settled on other pieces for your room, you can first fall in love with an accent table and then design the room around it.

Different Types of Accent Tables

Accent tables commonly feature patterns in the surface design. There might be swirling patterns or an arrangement of diamonds of different shades to create a unique effect. Of course, tables made of a rich wood sometimes only need a fine finish to turn them into stunning works of art.

Other accent tables feature hand painted designs. These tables make it even clearer that you can find accent tables that are not only practical but also visually attractive. Golden leaves on a black finish, for example, might be the ideal piece in some designs.

Another creative form of accent tables are nest tables. These are comprised of a series of successively smaller tables. When in use, you can move them to different parts of the room to create different conversation areas. When not in use, however, the smaller tables can slide directly underneath the largest one. You effectively get multiple tables when you want them, but only a single table when you prefer that your room be less cluttered.

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