Antique Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If you love the look of antique mirrors, you have two different ways to shop for them. The first method is to visit antiques shops, estate sales, or resale stores looking for old mirrors. The second method is to purchase new mirrors with an antique look or antique-style finish. Each method has its advantages.

Searching for a beautiful antique mirror can be fun for the "treasure hunter." You probably know the type: a person who happily spends every weekend driving out of state to search for a few treasures among the tables of trash at flea markets and swap meets. For shoppers like these, the hunt is more than half the fun. The treasure hunter will always choose the real antique over the antique-style mirror. The other advantage of real antiques is that they can have sentimental value, especially if they have been passed down through the generations of your family.

Buying "New" Antique Mirrors

Unless you are an antiques collector, a treasure hunter, or a gallery curator, you're probably better off shopping for a new mirror with an antique look. These mirrors tend to be more affordable, much easier to find, and much better quality. If you have ever seen the warped or damaged reflection cast by a 50-year-old mirror, you can appreciate the clean, bright reflection of a new one.

Among the prettiest antique style mirrors are those with antique finish. For instance, an ornate mirror with a silver antique finish or an oval mirror with a bronze antique finish looks absolutely stunning. Other antique-style mirrors include those hand-painted with decorative flowers or leaves.

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