Arched Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Arched mirrors are wonderfully dramatic. They can bring grandeur and importance to formal areas, such as a formal dining room. Arched mirrors can also bring romance and flair to humbler rooms, like hallways or bedrooms. If you love to decorate, arched mirrors should inspire you to new creative heights. All mirrors attract some attention, but arched mirrors simply demand it!

Arched Mirrors in Multiples

Arched mirrors also tend to look beautiful when hung in multiples. Picture a formal dining room, painted in a rich, bold color, like peacock blue. Along one wall, the decorator may have hung one arched mirror and two or three interesting paintings. The look is elegant but tame, even somewhat predictable.

Now, picture that same space without the paintings. Instead of one arched mirror, the decorator has hung three identical arched mirrors along the peacock blue wall. The effect is still elegant and sophisticated, but the impact it creates is highly dramatic. By hanging multiple mirrors, the decorator has turned a ho-hum space into the most memorable place in the entire home.

If you want to duplicate this glamorous look, you'll want to find an arched mirror you absolutely adore. The easiest way to find the best arched mirrors at the best prices is to look online. Of course, shipping mirrors isn't as easy as ordering them, so make sure you order your mirror through a site that really knows how to ship them well. Also, make sure the company doesn't charge an exorbitant fee for shipping.

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