Barcelona Chair

Written by Norene Anderson
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A Barcelona chair is designed with the utmost quality and elegance. There are styles that include a matching ottoman that makes the look complete. Mies Van Der Rohe was the original designer of the Barcelona line. It is made of stainless flat steel that is solid core and premium quality. This standard of excellence in furniture was first designed in 1929 for an International Exhibition that was held in Spain.

The Barcelona chair is a top-quality reproduction of a contemporary style that is made with premium Italian leather. It is hand selected and sewn by expert leather craftsmen. There are many colors of leather to choose from. Highly resilient foam is an integral part of the quality that is resident in the very best. Every detail is considered in the design of this excellent product. There is not a piece of furniture that can say more about your taste in elegant design than a Barcelona.

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The stainless steel flat bar is made using classic welding techniques. The balanced arrangement of saddle leather belt straps provides the support for the cushions. This allows for comfort and ease of movement to give the body the opportunity to relax in a natural position. The seat angle is even designed ergonomically to relieve the stress from sitting. It also has good support for the lumbar region.

The excellence of the quality of a Barcelona chair is easy to find with just a quick search on the Internet. You can choose from a variety of leather colors and styles with the assurance that the name says there is great care taken to give you the very best at a great price. For an investment in furniture that will last, check out the best. There are frequently online specials to take advantage of, so enjoy shopping.

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