Beveled Edge Mirrors

Written by Norene Anderson
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Beveled edge mirrors are beautifully crafted flat glass shaped like an angle or slant with a cut and polished edge. It is just the perfect finish to an elegantly furnished room. There are many designs that have beveled edges. You can find arched and oval mirrors that are designed to add texture and class to your walls.

There are also rectangular and square beveled edge mirrors. There is depth added by the beveled edges that sets it apart from a simply flat mirror. It really doesn't matter what the style of decor in the room. There is a mirror that will compliment any color scheme or furnishings. The most contemporary decorator can find many to choose from. If you have traditional taste, there are also many, many styles and frames to consider.

Many Kinds of Beveled Edge Mirrors

Many beveled edge mirrors are framed with a variety of kinds of frames. Some are metal with a mahogany finish. Some have wrought iron scrollwork. Still others are made of elegantly designed wood and tin combination. There are more colors and metal combinations than you can imagine. That gives many options for every taste and lifestyle.

Just a few clicks of the mouse will take you on a tour that will give you the very best beveled edge mirrors. You can put the finishing touch to a room that needs a facelift by adding a mirror. The depth that is added to a room when there is a mirror will brighten any environment. It will enlarge a room and it will deepen a room. Mirrors are great wall treatments in any decor.

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omg that is so hilarious! you are talotly right. the full-length mirror in alex's bathroom is like a circus mirror -- it makes you look super tan and thin and amazing. it's kind of soft with backlit lighting, ahh, amazing.but the mirror in the girls' bathroom at work makes me want to cry a little.haha, hilarious point, bean.