Beveled Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Beveled mirrors can add a touch of quiet sophistication to any decorating project. A "bevel" is a sloped or angled edge. A beveled mirror may refer to the beveled edges of the mirror's glass, or to the sloped or angled edges of the decorative frame. Mirrors with subtle detailing, like beveled edges or beveled frames, add elegance, sophistication, and style to any room.

Beveled Mirrors as Gifts

Mirrors make wonderful housewarming gifts. They're infinitely more impressive than houseplants and candles, and much more welcome than serving-ware. Mirrors are also very versatile; the person who receives a mirror can feel free to hang it in any room of the house. This versatility means it can better fit into anyone's decorating scheme.

Generally, art or other decorative items make somewhat risky gifts. If you buy someone a beautiful Mission-style lamp but it turns out they love Art Deco, then you have just wasted a good deal of money buying your friend a lamp she doesn't want. Worse yet, she may feel obligated to use the lamp whether she likes it or not. The same holds true for candlestick holders, vases, and pottery.

Mirrors are much more versatile than lamps, vases or other housewares. A beautiful, beveled mirror will generally accentuate the beauty of a room, no matter how it is decorated. For this reason, mirrors make splendid wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or birthday gifts. Because of their timeless beauty, mirrors also make wonderful anniversary gifts. Art, furniture, and textiles fade out of fashion rather quickly, but mirrors remain stylish and beautiful for decades on end.

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