Childrens Furniture

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Childrens furniture represents a sharp break from the world of adult home furnishings. Even if you've adopted a stately and sophisticated look throughout your home, it's perfectly permissible, even advisable, to give the seriousness a rest when it comes to your kids' rooms. This depends, naturally, on the age of your children; trundle beds and cartoon character chairs aren't really suited for teenagers so much as elementary school kids.

For younger children, you may want to consider a Kid Kraft table, which is just like an adult table, only smaller. Styles range from natural wood and cherry finishes to honey and melamine. That means you still have options in keeping your home as unified as possible, but without sacrificing the "fun" factor for your tots.

More on Childrens Furniture

If your child is still in nursery school or early elementary school, a toy box makes for a logical addition to his or her room. Be sure to buy a box that rests on casters for greater mobility and convenience. And look for safety hinges that won't snap shut on tiny fingers.

Interior design should never be cold and impersonal, even when you're adhering to the most conservative style choices and furnishings. To that end, bunk beds, ping pong tables, treasure toy chests, and other kid-friendly features can help make your house feel more like a home. Each of us only gets one crack at childhood, so why not help make it fun and festive for your little one with funky childrens furniture?

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