Contemporary Furniture

Written by Timothy Elliott
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The right contemporary furniture can save even the blandest of buildings. Its zest and avant-garde styling can offer a fresh infusion of color and shape, thereby livening up the most prosaic architecture. Put a Ribs Sling Chair or a Chicago 8-Box shelving unit in a 10-by-12 box, and you've got a hopping pad.

Many people shun contemporary furniture because they find it too outre for their tastes. Oftentimes they're not sure how it would fit into their existing style and are therefore leery of taking the plunge. But as with clothing, it's all about wearing it with confidence, which is a must for modern furniture.

Ideas for Contemporary Furniture

If you're buying a new place or even renovating an old space, good contemporary furniture will bring your property to life. Moreover, it can add value to your investment, especially if you've purchased a loft space or some other unorthodox building. Wild furniture in a gentrified part of town, on the other hand, might scare away potential buyers down the road.

As with anything, the success of your home furnishings depends on the context. You wouldn't buy a V12 engine for your new Saturn or put ketchup on your Filet Mignon. By the same token, cutting-edge furniture should be reserved for the proper environment if it's truly going to work.

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