Contemporary Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Contemporary mirrors are often distinguished by their unusual, even whimsical shapes. If you think mirrors are only rectangular or oval, think again. Today's contemporary mirrors come in shapes that range from the traditional to the totally unexpected.

An unusually shaped mirror can be a wonderful conversation piece. Picture an elliptical mirror that reaches a point at both ends, like a cat's eye. Imagine a kidney-shaped mirror, edged with dramatic bronze with gold highlights. Envision a small, round mirror at the center of a sunburst of bronze, gold and silver "rays." Each of these contemporary mirrors is elegant yet eye-catching, able to stand out and blend in at the exact same time.

Contemporary Mirrors for Every Room in Your Home

One of the terrific things about mirrors is that they can easily be moved from room to room. Say you hang a small, spectacular mirror over the mantel in your living room. You may love the look of that mirror in that exact spot for several years, but eventually, you'll stop really seeing it. The mirror you once loved will simply become an unnoticed object to you and your family. At that point, you'll want to move the mirror to another part of the room, or another room entirely.

Fortunately, mirrors fit into every room of the home, and they blend into any color scheme. A painting that hangs in your hunter green dining room cannot easily fit into your cream and peach living room. A mirror that hangs in that same dining room, however, can easily and harmoniously fit into your living room, sitting room, hallway, bedroom or entryway.

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