Written by Serena Berger
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Corbels are architectural structures that are attached to a wall and provide support to the ceiling, a beam, or a shelf. While this is the functional form of a corbel, you can also use them for aesthetic appeal. Even if your ceiling does not need to be supported, you may want to use corbels to add a little bit extra to the design of the room.

Incorporating Corbels into Your Design

Corbels can be manufactured from any number of substances including wood and marble. Many stores carry reproductions of historic corbels that are made out of a polymer such as polyurethane. These reproductions provide you with a great degree of flexibility as you can finish them with any paint or glaze that you like.

Of course, if you prefer a more natural look to your room, you may want to add wood corbels that are hand carved from hardwoods. While you can paint these if you need them to match your design scheme, it may be better to use a stain to enhance the appearance of the wood. These corbels can be placed under the mantel of your fireplace or beneath new cabinets that you just had installed. Though subtle, corbels can provide a smoother design by making one architectural feature flow into another.

Decorative corbels also provide an avenue through which you can infuse some of your own personality into your interior design. You can put one on each side of a doorway and use its surface like a small shelf. Adding a candle or plant on top of each may be all that is necessary to complete the design of that room. Of course, you may not want to overdo it by using dozens of them in the same room. Part of corbels' charm comes from being subtle and unobtrusive while remaining classic and timeless.

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