Custom Door Mats

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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There's no denying that custom door mats are one of life's more affordable little luxuries, and a great decor touch as well. A last name may be enough to do the trick--whether it's Vaiden or Geimer or Ingles or Desor. If you're creative, however, you might be able to use the 15 or 20 available characters for an even more personal touch. A family motto or famous quote are two ideas.

Above and beyond the personalized lettering in custom door mats, you'll be choosing the material. You live in a temperate climate, and perhaps a teak lattice mat--with a boot brush either built into it or as an accompanying item--fits in very well with your taste. You might prefer coir--that is, coconut fiber--you see so often and already know as both durable and elegant.

Aluminum is another choice in custom door mats. Aluminum has a great many attributes, after all. It never rusts, it takes finishes beautifully, and is very workable. (In fact, aluminum is the second most malleable of the metals.) As a door mat, it does a great job of removing dirt and caked mud or snow from shoes.

Ideas for Custom Door Mats

Customized anythings always make a great gift. The great thing about door mats is that everyone has a door or two or three. A customized door mat is therefore useful as well as a great personal touch to any home. Whether you're thinking of giving to a colleague, a boss, a client, a friend, or a new neighbor, both a customized door mat and you will certainly make a lasting good impression!

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