Do It Yourself Home Decorating

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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Both as a cost saver and because people like custom looks, many have begun turning everything into a personal home improvement project. Home improvement warehouses are selling to more and more regular people, and suddenly everyone seems to know how to operate a power tool and lay cement. Although this has made the selection far greater, the ease of some of these projects is understated, both in terms of time and money. When one refers to do it yourself projects now, however, they must be understood to cover a range of features.

Real Do it Yourself Work

For the sake of simplicity, I will not mention any difficult projects here. I am not going to concern myself with how to create front porches, stone driveways, or new bathrooms. In fact, this will only cover tips for those who are not even painting inclined, particularly those in apartments.

Many apartment dwellers and home renters do not have the options for recreating their houses that homeowners do, often because of a lease agreement or landlord. They are stuck with the same walls, carpeting, and tile throughout their stay in a given unit. For those that cannot or will not change their wall colors, there are several decoration effects that can be useful. A focus on window treatments, furniture, artwork, area rugs, accent pillows and plants can make the room nonetheless stand out.

Try to come up with one or two color schemes, and stick with it. Usually, there should only be one dominant bold color (such as bright red or yellow), with several compatible neutrals (browns, beige, grey) serving as a counterbalance. For added effect, you might want to occasionally contrast your dominant color with its opposite--i.e red with green, blue with orange, or purple with yellow. This adds a special accent in areas but can be very striking if done well.

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