Dressing Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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There are two styles of dressing mirrors. The first style is a standing mirror, and the second style is a wall mirror. Both styles work equally well for dressing. Free-standing mirrors most often have an old-fashioned charm and classic elegance. An ornate, standing mirror is a beautiful addition to an overtly feminine dressing room, for instance.

Not all standing mirrors are feminine, of course. Masculine details like a thick, bronze or even a leather frame can make a standing mirror appropriate for a man's dressing room. Men are just as interested as women in making sure their shoes and trousers work well with the rest of their ensemble. Standing mirrors usually fit into a corner of a room, where they bring decorative life and vibrancy to that corner.

Wall Mirrors for Dressing

The other style of dressing mirror is the hanging wall mirror. These mirrors are often less expensive than their free-standing counterparts. They may also have a sleeker, more contemporary look. If you choose to hang a large dressing mirror, make sure you hang it correctly. The hardware specifically designed to mount mirrors will vary according to the mirror's weight. Make sure you don't mount a 50-pound mirror with hardware designed for 25 pounds of weight.

Try to have at least one large dressing mirror in your home. Everyone in the house should have access to this mirror, including your children. If you prefer keeping your dressing room or bedroom to yourself, make sure your children have dressing mirrors of their own.

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