Easy Home Decorating

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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In part because of the popularity of creating home decorations, the process of doing so has never been easier. Home improvement warehouses seem to be on every street corner, and quick ideas can be found by flipping around cable channels. There are a few prime time television shows and an entire cable network devoted to home and garden effects. Beyond this, online instructions and step by step manuals are everywhere for the novice.

Quick Home Decorating Ideas

As decorating the interior of your house becomes increasingly mainstream, there is an even greater selection for the general public to choose from, both in terms of supplies and advice. A project such as laying linoleum tiles may have seemed hopelessly difficult to most several decades ago. Nowadays, it is considered a snap.

Linoleum tiles are available in home improvement warehouses, but also can be found in discount mass merchandise stores and even dollar stores. I have seen them sold for as little as 30 cents per square foot. Many of these self-adhesive tiles require no special tools other than a sturdy pair of scissors. If they are installed on a flat surface, they can look very professional and will last for years.

This project only takes a few hours of one's time, and is recommended for aging kitchen, bathroom, or hallway areas. A subfloor (a flat piece of wood that goes across the area) will certainly make the effect better, but providing the original surface is flush it may not be necessary. Lay the tiles carefully, making sure that they are touching the other linoleum pieces, and that there aren't any spaces between them.

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