Elegant Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Elegant mirrors bring so much sophistication and beauty to a room. These elegant mirrors come in a variety of styles and shapes. For instance, an arched mirror can bring drama to a formal dining room, while a free-standing mirror can bring elegance to a bedroom or dressing room. One of the most striking styles is the three panel mirror. When the two side panels of a three panel mirror are tilted toward the viewer, it resembles the kind of three-part mirror one might find in the dressing room of a department store.

When the three panels are positioned in a modified Z-shape, the paneled mirror makes a lovely decorative addition to a room. The elegant, standing mirror can be positioned in a corner of a formal room, such as a dining room or parlor. The paneled mirror would be used to decorate much the same way a Japanese folding screen would be used, but with a livelier and more dramatic effect.

Elegant Mirrors, Timeless Style

When it comes to buying mirrors, it's smart to buy up rather than buy down. In other words, buy the mirror you love best, despite the expense. Mirrors are generally immune to fashion trends in decorating, which means you may be enjoying your mirror for years to come.

Most decorative fashions tend to move in noticeable trends. The colors, fabrics and upholstery that are popular today will probably be out of fashion within 10 years. Even furniture goes in and out of style. Elegant mirrors, however, are timeless. A beautiful mirror will remain sophisticated and elegant no matter how often you change your wall paper, upholstery, or drapes. For this reason, expense is less of an issue.

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